Effects of Social Media

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Possible positive effects of social media

Should we now delete all social media accounts and throw our smartphones in the trash can? The answer: No.

The study #Statusofmind the Royal Society of Public Health showed, in addition to the potential negative effects that social media has on our health, that social media can also have a positive impact on us and our lives.

Education and destigmatisation of mental illness

The advent of social media revolutionized the way we communicate and enabled us to create a simple and globally connected form of interaction. It also made it easier to inform us about a wide range of topics. It is precisely these aspects that play a particularly important role when it comes to the education and destigmatisation of mental illnesses, such as anxiety or depression.

For many people suffering from a mental illness, social media is a virtual space where they can interact with other people and share testimonials.

To this day, mental illness is a taboo subject and, unfortunately, still tainted with certain stigmas. Those affected fear social isolation and so often suffer in secret. Instagram, Facebook and co. are a suitable medium to overcome this barrier and join virtual communities.

In these communities, those affected can find support and support without losing anonymity. In the meantime, there are special mental health sites on various Social media channels that promote an exchange and reveal to those affected that they are not alone with their feelings and experiences.

This also applies, of course, to all other, non-psychological, diseases. Nevertheless, the virtual exchange cannot replace the way to the doctor, especially since the wealth of online information is not always up-to-date and reliable aumentar seguidores instagram.

Social media as a form of expression

It is especially important for young people and young adults to find ways to express themselves personally and creatively. Instagram and co. can represent platforms on which they can learn, exercise and share their interests and talents.

And so social media is also a hostel for talents of various kinds. From singing talents, funny memes, to make-up artists who transform into works of art in a few minutes with the help of make-up. There are hardly any limits to creativity on social media.

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